Just a quickie! That’s what she… Ah, nevermind.

20 04 2010

So I have to make this brief. I promise I’ll try to elaborate on everything a little bit more as soon as I get the opportunity.

Things are beginning to develop a sort of rhythm here. Although I’m still doing something pretty overwhelmingly new everyday, names, faces, & places are all becoming much more familiar. I suppose my confidence levels are always a bit low at the start of something new like this, & once I begin to feel more comfortable, I start to think “hey, I can do this!” Although I have yet to venture on a tram by lonesome (let alone venture without a ticket), I’m catching on to things a bit more. My room has started to feel a bit more homey, I can recognize people I’ve met around grounds (I mean… campus), & I have finally mastered the art of opening doors. That last one became a LOT easier once my KEY GOT FIXED. Geez. I’m not just a ditzy blonde American after all. I can breathe easy.

I’m learning to sleep through the chatty early morning birds, I’m drinking tea like a fiend, & I catch myself using words I probably would be shot for using in the States. Melbourne is beginning to seep into me here & there. Regardless, my homesickness hasn’t abated. I’ve really begun to feel the distance from my family, my friends, my world, my culture. It’s not an easy adjustment. Some nights I just want to veg out in front of  the tv, watch some Millionaire Matchmaker, you know? 🙂 Anyway, I’m seeing so many things through Australian eyes, really for the first time…

oh well. I still love you, America. even if you are a lazy douchebag.

I finally landed some volunteer work (via the help of the awk priest I mentioned in one of my previous posts) at the Jesuit Mission Office. Basically I’m helping to organize the “Maytime Fair”- a big fundraiser put together by the Jesuits, partnered with Xavier College (Luke’s highschool alma mater). It’s very similar to the Flower Market of St. Alban’s/National Cathedral. I spent this morning with a room full of geriatric stamp collectors (more to come on this one, REALLY. It’s too darn good not to write more about later), and this afternoon was just some administrative work in the office. Although I wasn’t too thrilled about waking up early, it was nice to feel somewhat independent and busy today, not wandering the cloisters of Newman College with a sullen face & downcast eyes.

I need to remember to write about Lygon St. experiences from the other night, meeting the Ainsworth clan, Southbay dinner with Phil & EJ/ the last comedian we saw, going to Psychiatry class last Friday, all about today and working with the Jesuits & getting a passive-aggressive lecture about America from the geriatrics stamp collectors (who we may now refer to as the GSC), the musical soiree last night at Newman, and I’m sure I’ll have lots to tell after this evening since it’s that glorious time of the week again!!!– FORMAL DINNER! Hoorayyyyy!

remove the floating candles from this picture & you have a pretty accurate depiction.

So, apologies for the mini-post, but I’ll try to write perhaps after I have dinner on the set/with the cast of Harry Potter (if you’re picking up what I’m putting down).

all the love my little heart can send,





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