So Much to Say, So Much to Say…

20 04 2010

All right. So I can sit down and have a proper blog session. It’s pretty much my only form of psychotherapy whilst I am here. This blog is like the friend that I wish could be here to process through things with me! Alas, typing it all out will just have to do….

So we had formal dinner again tonight. And wouldn’t you know that I happened to get in line a little too quickly and wound up at “high table” again. Yes, you heard/read me correctly. High table. High table is basically a table of 10 or so individuals that get to sit at a higher elevation in the front of the dining hall with the Rector. The first group of people that happen to get in line, or in procession, whatever, end up sitting at high table, while the rest join the common masses for a less elitist meal at a lower elevation. ha. Anyway it was a lot more laid back this time around because I was able to slip in a glass of sherry at pre-meal drinks/conversation, & a glass of wine at dinner as well. Also knowing people made it much easier to make conversation. I had a lovely chat with a German guy from Munich who is planning to pursue psychotherapy. Those German accents get me good. I had forgotten. I remember at World Youth Day back in 2002 and 2005, the Germans made us weak in the knees…But I suppose the Australians did as well. 🙂 What can I say? I’m a sucker for accents. I mean, aren’t we all?… Right?

Anyway, I need to expand on all the events that have taken place since I last legitimately blogged. I had forgotten to write about going to psychiatry class on Friday morning. I decided to tag along with Luke to one of his classes. It was actually very interesting to listen in on. They spent the morning discussing the concept of resilience and how it manifests in child & adolescent development, ie: what makes one child more resilient than another? Is it possible to manipulate circumstances in order to improve resilience in a child? If so, how do we go about doing it? The second session was all about anxiety. (Which I wouldn’t know anything about. Really…) A couple doctors discussed how anxiety can be defined, how it is diagnosed, & how it is/can ultimately be treated. I came out of the class realizing how much these concepts intrigue me. In fact, it kind of made me realize how much of a head case we all are. All in all, it was really neat to be able to sit in on. Sometimes I begin to think I’m the only one in the world who thinks about these things, and then I realize there’s a whole crap-ton of people who are interested in exactly the same problems and conditions and experiences. It makes me really want to pursue counseling/psychotherapy that much more.

I realized also that I never discussed Awkward & Unnecessary Run Down the Street #2! So here we go- after a dinner in Chinatown on Friday, we were running late for the comedian Tim Key’s show. Luke says “come on!! let’s go!!” and begins to book it down the street, practically pushing people/children/Asians out of the way. No offense. Love to all my Asians out there. So I take off at full speed, still carrying my giant purse, which is now slapping back and forth awkwardly, and I’m making every effort not to eat shit each time my flip flops catch on the concrete and trip me. As I’m running, a legit SOUNDTRACK begins. Out of nowhere, is the rhythmic absurdity of a didgeridoo, blasting along from some adjacent street, to my hurried and oh so ridiculous sprint. It was out of a movie, I tell you. So off I went, like a freak, tearing down the block, flip-flopping, purse-slapping, people-dodging my way to the comedy show, all to the background of aggressive didgeridoo playing. I was having trouble keeping up the pace simply because I was laughing so hard at the ridiculousness of it all.

Later that night we took a stroll down Lygon Street which is a row of shops and restaurants and cafes about 10 minutes from Newman. We were crossing the street, when someone on a bicycle zoomed past, with a car following closely behind. As the car overtook the cyclist, the car honks, and out the window a guy yells “Remind me to teach you how to pedal!!!!” I had a good chuckle at that one. Sure, guy, the next time you and that biker cross paths, I’m sure he will remember to remind you to teach him how to ride his bike. It was a really nonsensical and therefore hilarious insult to hurl at someone. Props, guy. Props to you.

Sunday night we saw the comedian Tim Vine, who unfortunately just didn’t tickle my funnybone like the others we saw. He pretty much just spouted ridiculous puns for an hour straight. I was in a bit of a bad mood already, so having to sit through it was a little painful for me. We had dinner down at Southbank, which is a really nice part of town. It’s got an incredible view of the Yarra River that divides Melbourne, and of the cityscape; St. Paul’s Cathedral, Federation Square, Eureka Tower (the tallest building in Melbourne), etc.

Exhibit a. The only exhibit.

Still lots more to write, but I’m spent, friends.

Here’s a little tidbit of one of the comedians we saw, for your viewing pleasure. Thank me later.

all my loveeeeeeeeeeeeee,





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28 04 2010

The thing about hanging out with Luke, is that you’re ALWAYS going to be late. To everything. I’ll make sure the boat waits for you on Saturday. Hee hee!

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