Is The Computer Lab My Second Home? Yes.

17 05 2010

Friends! Hello to you all. I’m glad to know there’s still a select few who actually have continued to read these, despite their rambling epic nature haha. I think more than anything else this has simply been a form of therapy for me. It’s hard to experience things and have no one to tell them about or have someone around with whom to share. Especially the really beautiful or really sad things! So thank you for listening! I appreciate your reading these. It makes me happy to know that it’s not all typed for naught!

Honestly I’ve been putting off blogging for a bit, because I don’t even know how to follow the trip to New Zealand! Everything is going to seem to blase and uninteresting now that I’ve traversed valleys and fields, jumped of mountains, and been eaten alive by insects! And I’ve been a giant lazy bum since our return as well, which has prevented me from doing legitimate sightseeing here back in Melbourne. I slept for pretty much two days straight after our arrival back at Newman. I was just so wiped out from all the activity and had been on a sensory overload for about a week. Long story short, New Zealand was absolutely amazing. I felt sad leaving, but it was a bit exciting to know I was still coming back to such a fascinating city like Melbourne. It’s funny how familiar it’s become. Looking back on my extreme fear of riding trams and being alone in the city just makes me laugh now. ๐Ÿ™‚

The past few days have mostly been a combination of shopping, social activities with Luke & his friends, and eating far too much badforyou food. I don’t know how it’s possible, but I think I’ve actually lost weight since I’ve been here! I have been drinking coffee like a fiend and done a fair amount of walking I suppose, so that’s probably contributed. Thursday night I sat in on Luke’s book club, whilst I sipped bourbon & coke. Several of the attendees joked “of course an American brings bourbon to book club!” I just smiled, nodded, & said “that’s right, folks.” Several of them got stuck into a couple glasses of bourbon a little later on, so they piped down after that haha. I got to wander around Melbourne Central/ LaTrobe Mall for a bit the other day, but I was so overwhelmed by all the unfamiliar stores that I didn’t end up purchasing anything for myself but a cute hairband. It’s bizarre to walk around a mall and not recognize a single brand name or a single store. And anyone you see in Melbourne wearing an Abercrombie shirt or Ralph Lauren can generally be pinpointed as an American ha.

clearly an American.

Later that afternoon Luke & I went out to Austin Hospital again for a bit for him to check into work, etc. Friday night we attended a house party where I got to meet a lot of people that Luke had worked with in Tennant Creek, which was a lot of fun. Everyone has been so warm & interested in America, but there are always little comments/jabs interlaced here and there. But it’s not so bad. I did have one girl get exceedingly condescending with me the other night- she kept saying over and over “Aw you’re American! That’s so cute!! You’re accent’s just so cute, ohmigod!” But I suppose the Aussies probably get a similar reception when traveling in the States, so I’ll suck it up.

Saturday we attended an engagement party where I was able to play with the many babies present, which is always fun for me. It made me realize that I need to really lay some more peer pressure on thick with my sisters. They need to crank out a couple more little miniature humans for me to play with. That night Tom came into the city to meet up, & Luke, Tom, & I went to a joint bday party for a couple Newmanites. On the way to the bar we passed a giant circle of breakdancers just doing their thing in an alley off the main strip. We made a pit stop and watched them for a bit, mesmerized. There were legit 10 year olds doing breakdancing battles with each other. It was priceless. I took a couple videos- I’ll have to load them onto fb at some point, preferably after I finish uploading the other 500 pictures I have yet to put up… The evening was a blast though. We played drinking games, shared in some international discourse (there were about 10 nati0nalities represented in a group of about 15 of us- mindblowing!), & I made friends with the bartender who showed me an amazing view of the city as they were closing down. As we got back to Newman circa 4 am, several of us decided that we wanted Burger King, or Hungry Jack’s as they are known here. There was this goofy and intoxicated boy standing outside Newman who introduced himself to us and asked to tag along as well- Ned. Ned Fitzgerald.ย  So,ย  Tom, Ned, & I walked ALL THE WAY back into the city in search of our Hungry Jack’s. As we’re walking, Ned is chain smoking cigarettes and telling each passer by to “HAVE A HELLOFANIGHT, MATE!” He was hilariously, obnoxiously, endearingly friendly. Our mission was ultimately successful (quite successful) & we had turned around to make our way back to Newman, when get this, I TRIP AND FALL. Yes, that’s right folks, I bit it. Hard. I don’t know if it was the cobblestones or my heels, or just a deadly combination of the two,ย  but I was down. My knee is still bruised, but that’s neither here nor there. Anyway, Ned, sweet Ned, gallops of into the nearby bushes and begins rustling around. Tom & I are so confused, as he’s yelling loudly “just a bit of romance! just a bit of romance!” After returning from his bush venture, he approaches me with a giant flower in his hand. “Just a bit of romance…” he says again & hands me the giant blossom- the stalk mangled and clearly torn aggressively out of the ground. It was one of the most endearing moments ever. I couldn’t stop laughing at the ridiculousness of it all. Ned was a real legend. Sadly, he was flying back to Adelaide, Australia the following day, and we were forced to part ways. But what a character- not easily forgotten, to say the least. I’m waiting on his facebook friend confirmation.

The past day or two has been fairly unproductive- I’ve done a lot of sleeping and lying around. I got to Skype with my family for two hours last night which was a real treat. It always tugs at my little heartstrings seeing them and speaking with them. It was good for my little heart though in so many ways. I’m getting excited to be going home before too long. ๐Ÿ™‚ This morning I accidentally overslept, and ended up being late to meet Luke’s mom for lunch. I’m terrible! We had a lovely tea along Collins Street, and discussed art, traveling, NZ, & work. She’s a fantastic woman, a real angel. I strolled casually back in the direction of Newman, and made a little stop along the way at the National Opal Collection (I’m a giant nerd I know) & learned more than I ever thought there was to know about opals. Hopped aboard the next tram to Melb Uni, and here I am, writing to you. ๐Ÿ™‚

Hopefully I’ll do some more adventurous things over the next week to give me some real things to write about!

Just a bit of romance,

me x




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21 05 2010

i love your blog and all your amazing adventures! not to mention you look absolutely gorgeous in your pics! since I am no longer on facebook, add me on twitter so we can at least message that way. and also, please please come visit london! we would have so much fun! much love xoxo

24 05 2010

That is so great that you’re getting comfortable there – kinda cool to have a home base

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