An Introduction to Bundy…& The Aftermath.

29 04 2010

Welp, my head hurts, thanks to an evening out with Tom the Kiwi.

The night began quietly, as I rendezvoused with him out front of the beautiful Newman Chapel, just a casual few steps away from my flat. (Shout out to Walter Burley Griffin- Really beautiful architecture at Newman, and in Melbourne in general. It’s everywhere you look.

We caught up for a bit in my messy little room over some drum & bass, and discussed our plans for the evening. Neither of us have spent a significant amount of time in the city so it was anyone’s guess as to how we would fare, trekking through Melbourne all alone. After he listed off some possible destinations from his “International Student’s Guide to Melbourne,” the decision was made that we would go where the wind/alcohol took us.

We wandered down Swanston Street which runs directly into the hubs of Melbourne, and discussed my most recent post about cultural exchange. I really like having Tom around to bounce ideas off of, since he has a bit of a bird’s eye view, so to speak. Born in Melbourne, raised in Auckland, NZ, and having studied abroad in the States for a year, he is quite familiar with each and is able to offer fantastic insights. He can also empathize with me when I express my intense craving for Chipotle and the University of Virginia lawn. It’s like having a piece of home with him around, since he knows & can appreciate some of the passions of my little heart; Virginia, my family, the New Dominions, techno music, UVa, bourbon, beer pong, & late nights. Ah, the stuff of my heart…

We had dinner at a little Thai place, where I had some fantastic vermicelli with spring rolls & chicken. I was able to try a sip of Victoria Bitter, the most common beer here. (No friends, they DO NOT drink Foster’s. And no, there are no Outback Steakhouses either. You can stop asking now haha.) Afterward, we purchased a couple bottles of coke, & made our way to a nearby alley. We gingerly pulled his bottle of Bundaberg Rum (affectionately known as “Bundy” around these parts) from my purse, took a couple swigs of soda, & proceeded to pour said rum into the coke. Now as I have mentioned before, they really don’t drink much liquor here. Or if you do, you’re bound to go home with a much lighter wallet. So this was a bit of a treat for the two of us, since he had purchased it duty free on his last trip from New Zealand. We poured, we giggled, & we obviously looked pretty freaking sketchy in our little alleyway, but neither of us cared.

And off we went, into the night. I honestly could not tell you all the names of the streets where we ventured, but that was a good bit of the fun. It became a game of “which direction should we turn next” & races to make it across the street before the traffic lights changed. The heat of the rum began to sink into a pleasant buzz and the Melbourne drizzle clung to our hair & faces. We strolled past endless shops filled with chickens & ducks being turned on spits, video stores, stores with hundreds of little ceramic Buddhas & anime figures, stores with brightly flashing neon lights, & all around us- the general hum of people, of the city. It was a beautiful living, breathing, urban ecosystem. I was taking it all in, enraptured.

After wandering through Chinatown, through side streets where breakdancers were practicing together, past quaint little churches nestled between office buildings, we ducked into a handful of local restaurants & pubs, searching for fellow adventurers & late-nighters. One of the first was called Trunk, a gorgeous vintage building that apparently had been a Jewish temple back at the beginning of the 20th century. As they started to close up, we chatted with the bartender for a bit, asking him for recommendations of places to see, and he pointed us toward a fantastic cocktail bar called Match. It had a lovely view of the adjacent Melbourne Library.

We enjoyed the remainder of our evening/drinks on the outdoor patio, and were literally the last to leave the bar. It was a great time. On our journey back, we took turns jumping off the statue in front of the library & attempting to document it on camera. Looking at the fruits of our today was hilarious.

All in all, a fantastic evening out on the town. I’m definitely experiencing the aftermath today though. Oh man. Time to go pop some ibuprofen & bunker down for a little afternoon nap naparoo.

That polar bear is mocking me. I just know it.

Get that little smirk off your furry face, polar bear.






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